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10-Point Plan for hotel operations in times of coronavirus
  • Contacless Online-Check-in in many hotels
  • Distance of 1.5 to 2 meters in public areas.
  • Staff will work in fixed teams.
  • Capacities reduction in restaurants.
  • Extension of opening hours of hotel facilities.
  • Only Entertaiment activities without close contact.
  • Expansion of disinfectant dispensers.
  • Extensive room cleaning.
  • Self-service station reduced, replaced by serviced buffets and staff wearning masks.
  • Training of all employeesby independent auditors.

The 10 Point Plan is a promise from TUI to all our guests. We want to make sure that a safe holiday is also possible in Corona times. All TUI hotels and employees need to follow this plan. Points 2 and 6 are especially important for Childcare in all our TUI Concept Hotels.

With this Document, we want to guide you through the new regulations for the Kids Club offering during COVID-19. Please follow all hygienic regulations and new rules. We are responsible for our guests and their health and safety but the Kids Hosts’ health and safety is also really important to us. At the moment we are in a really special time but let us show the world that we are able to handle it. Let’s get ready for #Holiday2020.