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Meloneras, the beach of the counter to zero.

It happens like that to most people. Shortly after arriving in Meloneras you realize that the clocks fall asleep. The only ones that measure time are jogging fans who fly along the Paseo. They are the only ones worried about the minutes or the hours. Because they count the time it takes them to travel the long avenue that starts at the Maspalomas Lighthouse.
Bypassing the music of the terraces, on the shore of the spa and restaurants by the ocean. They walk along a winding promenade that sews the coast to a last bend, until you are taught the Meloneras beach.

The small beach at the end of this path bathed in good weather, ready to walk without haste. So you can continue that wonderful promenade until you reach Meloneras, the "Beach counter zero". A place that has the ability to get the nerves to leave the country to "put things in perspective."

And it is perhaps that optimistic state that moves diverse people there. From golf fans who start again every day their best 18 holes, in the field that touches the beach. To small sailboats that return to the nearby port of Pasito Blanco, magnetized by the good weather.




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