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Maspalomas under the Lighthouse

Maspalomas is not only known for its huge dune field or for its good weather. It is also for its old lighthouse, which has seen the arrival of the first tourists and the conversion of the area instead of vacation. Because since the first traveler understood that good weather was the norm of this kilometer beach, the Maspalomas Lighthouse has witnessed thousands of sunny days, honeymoons and walks along the sea.
Today everything has changed around him. It is now at the beginning of a busy promenade area. A perfect place to shop, make a stop behind the beach, go out for dinner or just have a drink along the long sea line.

A few meters from the promenade, bathers dive into the sand that starts the Natural Reserve of the Dunes of Maspalomas, consisting of three ecosystems: the Palm Grove, the Pond and the Dunes, which extend a few meters from the sea. The whole area is a huge natural space of exceptional value.

From the Maspalomas Lighthouse to Playa del Inglés the nudist zone begins between the beach bar 3 and 4. From Playa del Ingles to the Maspalomas Lighthouse the nudist zone begins between 5 and 6. The surfers have their meeting place on the curve that unites Maspalomas with Playa del Inglés.
Maspalomas continues to be a perfect place to enjoy the sea or spend time simply sunbathing. That has not changed. It also remains exactly the same, in the usual place, the long shadow of the Lighthouse, which used to watch over the ships that crossed the Atlantic and now envy the bathers who spend the days under the sun of Maspalomas.




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